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Handicraft Using textiles or leather,Using wood, metal, clay, bone, horn, glass, or stone,Using paper or canvas,Using plants other than wood, Handicrafts are often made for home use.[4] If sold, they are sold in direct sales,[5] gift shops,[6] public markets,[7] and online shopping.[8] In developing countries, handicrafts are sold to locals and as souvenirs to tourists.[9] Sellers tend to speak at least a few words of common tourist languages.[10] There are also specialty markets such as

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  1. Antiques  Wooden Pulley

    Antiques Wooden Pulley

    Antiques Wooden Pulley Learn More
  2. Original Seiko Clock

    Original Seiko Clock

    Original Seiko Clock Made In japan Learn More
  3. Pedal Rickshaw

    Pedal Rickshaw

    Pedal Rickshaw Capacity: 2person Origin: Bangladesh Learn More
  4. Salvaged Grates

    Salvaged Grates

    Original Salvaged Grates Size: 48x36 inch Learn More
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  5. Telescope


    Telescope Learn More

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